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Over the past 20 years, I’ve de-cluttered some amazing spaces–from storage units to offices and private homes. I’m wired to help you achieve your de-cluttering goals and feel great about your living space, no matter the size. Please reach out for a free consultation. Start living sustainably today!

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Raised in a European household, I discovered several methods of organizing and letting go of stuff that are super effective. My team and I actively utilize Marie Kondo’s methods which we personally share with you so you’re able to keep that feeling of freedom and openness long after we’re done!

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As our project portfolio grows, there are some things that stay the same–integrity, affordability and our commitment to your happiness and peace of mind. Subscribe to this site to get updated when new projects are added.

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Since childhood, I have always loved the world of nature–our environment. I’ve also loved organizing and creating easy, flowing spaces. Sharing this with others gives me a deep sense of fulfillment. The idea of combining these two aspects–passion and instinct–inspired this business model!

One of my biggest challenges was downsizing into a new, empty nester lifestyle in 2009. It took a couple of years of nightly and weekend visits to a crammed 15′ x 30′ x 15′ storage unit that used to be my life. Bit by bit, I worked my way through 20 years of history. I discovered that my possessions were actually symbols of the beauty I saw in the world around me.

As clutter was dumped and useful things were sold, I realized what a gift this process was! Gone is the craving for new things (except for versatile, comfortable clothes!) with an amazing attitude of gratitude replacing that empty hunger. Today, I live an intentionally light and small footprint of ’10 cubed.’ With only the books that fit into two slim, hand-crafted bookcases, art supplies, wearables, ‘comfortables’ (pillows, throws, blankets, sheets and towels) and food supplies, I’m a live example of sustainable living and peace of mind. Reach out, learn more!


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